The Character Acting Academy

with Eliza Jane Schneider

The Character Acting Academy is a one-year program that provides expert training for talented actors who wish to expand their careers into the realms of voice acting for animation and games - with a special emphasis on utility voice training, accents, and dialects.

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Enrollment in The Character Acting Academy covers everything you'll need to succeed...


The Accents & Dialects Masterclass

Eight on-demand step-by-step accent and dialect modules. Plus the Schneider Looping Method.


Industry Webinars

Over 100 hours of insider info from VO industry professionals.


The Business of Voiceover

Expert advice on VO Branding, Marketing, Money, Mindset, Demos, Websites, and Home Studios.


Live Events, Hotseat, and More!

Live Q & A’s, monthly Hotseat with Eliza Jane, and weekly peer workouts.

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Industry Webinars

The Industry Webinar series. Gain wisdom from my favorite voice actors, directors, and casting professionals currently working in animation and games. 

Navigating the Business of VO Acting

Dialing in your home studio, knowing what to put on your demo, setting up your VO website and knowing how to market yourself, are all as important as refining your talent. In this series, top industry experts guide you through crafting your career in animation and games.

Hotseat with Eliza Jane

Meet with Eliza Jane Schneider every month. Use these office hours to review demos, perfect accents, critique auditions, strategize, and chart your career’s course. Don't forget to discuss insider industry info, build relationships and develop your own material.

Live Webinar Events

Live events with the hottest names in voiceover. You get to learn from the best, using zoom links that we provide through the student portal.

Dialect Database

Unlimited access to CEVT's dialect databases and accent & dialect resources.

Private Access

Access to the private Facebook group.

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Peer Workout Groups with scripts from major studios.

Does coaching make a difference?

"After working with several different accent coaches over the last few years, I was left confused and hopeless. I thought I'd never be able to learn an American accent. Then I met Eliza. She was able to diagnose all of my mistakes in 10 minutes!"
international Actress
“The best resource I’ve ever seen... This class and Eliza’s amazing ear (along with her vast knowledge, compassion, patience, brilliance, and wonderfully sick sense of humor) is the best resource I’ve ever seen for dialect training. I’ve used it several times on auditions and in the studio on live bookings with great results.”
prolific character voice actor
"Eliza Jane is a true expert in speech delivery and its effect on the listener. Her unique voice training and acting methods help lawyers and leaders become aware of crucial presentation skills, and identify unconscious speaking habits that may have been adversely affecting their success.."
James N. Sinunu
Sinunu bruni llp

Eliza Jane Schneider

Eliza Jane Schneider is a veteran actor and dialect coach, whose clients include celebrities, politicians, A-list directors, AAA game companies and major studios, such as Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal, Paramount, Fox, Dreamworks, Hulu, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Comedy Central.

Renowned for voicing the female population of Comedy Central’s South Park, Eliza has an extensive list of credits in some of the most popular animations and video games.  As a coach, she has helped perfect the accents and dialects of countless colleagues, from beginners, to Oscar winners, to the casts of Overwatch, Mafia 3 and Resident Evil, among many others. 

An avid researcher, Eliza has dedicated her life to the study of voice and dialects. For her extensive Dialect Database, she traveled six continents, recording thousands of people speaking English in their native dialects.  An activist and proud advocate for underserved communities, she is committed to preserving these dialects and allowing all unsung voices to be heard.

The proud founder of Competitive Edge Voice Training and the Character Acting Academy, in Pygmalion fashion, Eliza has created a curriculum including the collective wisdom of her favorite working mentors, colleagues, coaches, professors, directors, casting directors and voice stars, to level the playing field and give every voice a chance to soar.

A woman of many talents, Eliza got her on-camera start as “Liza” in Beakman’s World.  She won Best Solo Show at the NYC International Fringe Festival, and is also a world-class fiddler.


Stéphane Cornicard

Stéphane Cornicard, born in France in 1964, is a multilingual actor, who trained in France, at Colby College, USA and at Goldsmith College, England. He trained with Francois David, French director and writer.

Cornicard’s many credits include Jean in Saving Private Ryan by Steven Spielberg, Liquid Snake in Metal Gear, Gabe Logan in the Syphon Filter games and the evil Count Raum in Primal. He gave his voice to the French Red Cross for their anti-personal landmines campaign.

Cornicard also appeared as Zagreus in the Doctor Who drama The Next Life. He teaches Drama at the Actor’s Centre in London and presents Ma France, web based French Classes and Ma France a emporter Podcasts for the BBC.


Sloane Warren

A journeyman storyteller who believes in the unbridled joy of creating characters from all walks of life, Sloane has shared the screen with some of the industry’s heavyweights including Al Pacino, Karl Urban, and Laura Linney. 

‘s blessed childhood allowed her to travel to over 54 countries which sparked a love of dialects/accents. Her zanier side enjoys playing anything from little shinobi style boys to older women from the Bronx and many stops in between.
However, Sloane‘s signature sound is peaceful calm amongst the chaos of this world, a vulnerable depth that helps you feel at ease. 
Enjoy Sloane’s new podcast, Undetoured – Navigating The Artist’s Journey, where she explores how successful creatives have mastered their mindset and catapulted themselves to where they are today.  Her guests include great talents such as Eliza Jane Schneider, Debra Wilson, Dave Fennoy, JP Karliak, Wendy Braun, Cat Dyer (Stranger Things, Morning Show, Terminal List), Alex Collins (Dr. Charles McNider on CW’s Stargirl) and many more.
You can join the Undetoured Facebook group here.

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Follow Sloane at IMDB or IG @sloanewarren.

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