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Voice actors are booking more jobs than ever while working from home.

Is this you...?

You’re good at accents, but you recognize you’ll need more than “tips & tricks” to feel confident –
you need a method to ace every audition

You have your home studio, but you don’t know if it’s “broadcast quality”

You are piecing together training from a lot of different sources, but you need personal guidance from an expert mentor

The Character Acting Program

Turning students into colleagues

Your classroom is your home studio.



build your VO Success 5 WAYS


dialects, accents, & character voice work


your acting chops


your home studio


with working VO pros in animation & games


your brand & market yourself smartly

Now is a great time to take YOUR voiceover career to the next level.

Here's what you'll get as a member of
The Character Acting Program!

What You'LL GET

  • 30 On-Demand Industry Webinars with Top VO Pros and Directors in Animation, Video Games (Interactive), and Audiobooks
  • 10 Monthly Live interviews and Q&As with Special Industry Guests.
  • 42 Weekly Live Peer Workout Groups with Feedback from Trained Graduate Coaches
  • 8 On-Demand Accent & Dialect Modules
  • 6 On-Demand Modules on the Business of Voice Acting
  • Eliza Jane's 3-Prong Method to Learn or Lose Any Accent
  • 10 Live Monthly Hotseats with Eliza Jane
  • Auditing Access to Live Acting Classes with Expert Guest Instructors like Stephane Cornicard and Yvonne Morley-Chisholm

    (Work Live If You Join The Inner Circle)!
  • Unlimited Access to Eliza Jane’s Dialect Database and Accent & Dialect Resources

What you'll learn

  • ACTING for Animation and video games
  • Dialects and accents, including American Southern, British Regional, Australian, New Zealand, South African, New York, Russian, German, Francophone, Irish and more...
  • Live tips and techniques from the industry pros! How to do monster voices without damaging your voice. Acting basics in video games. And so much more...
  • Review demos, perfect accents, critique auditions, strategize, and chart your career’s course at the monthly Hotseat with Eliza Jane
  • Master different acting styles for different studios in Hollywood: Nickelodeon, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Disney Sprout vs. Disney Character Voices, etc.
  • Over 100 on-demand hours of solid advice from industry pros, including "Navigating the Business of VO".

    How to set up your studio, market your own brand, and network with the right industry folks!
  • Weekly practice on-the-mic, using scripts from major studios - Peer Workout Groups get and give live FEEDBACK and guidance from trained coaches
  • A foolproof tool to learn or lose any accent, Eliza Jane's special 3-Prong Method

What our students say about the Character Acting Program...

Actor Xanthe Huynh
talks about the confidence she's gained studying with Eliza Jane

Kat tells us how the Character Acting Program changed her life and her career.

(Kat is driving with Eliza Jane.. this is their actual conversation)

Kat's favorite accomplishments from her year in CAP

  • I booked 3+ characters in a VR Oculus animation!
  • I showcased for and made a personal connection with Andrea Toyias!
  • I released 10 audiobooks in 2021, and continue to be booked by series authors!

Wondering where to invest in your career?

The UCLA Masters program tuition for actors was upwards of $32K per year, last time I checked!

And these academic institutions simply do not prepare actors for the real world and the business of voice acting.

We’ve managed to get the one year tuition down to $375 per month with a $500 sign up fee, or $5K for the full year.
Or pay in full for an additional discount!

Interested in the Character Acting Program?

We’re all done for the 22-23 season, but were taking applications for a new season that begins in 2025! 

If you’re interested in the joining the CAP please email to get on the waiting list.

Want to see more? Here’s the Final Performance of the Character Acting Program 2021-22!

Join the Character Acting Program

If you’re interested in the CAP please email to get on the waiting list.

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