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The Character Acting Program

Turning actors into colleagues


The Accents & Dialects Masterclass

Eight on-demand step-by-step accent and dialect modules. Plus the Schneider Looping Method.


Industry Webinars

Over 100 hours of insider info from VO industry professionals.


The Business of Voiceover

Expert advice on VO Branding, Marketing, Money, Mindset, Demos, Websites, and Home Studios.


Live Events, Hotseat, and More!

Live Q & A’s, monthly Hotseat with Eliza Jane, and weekly peer workouts.

The Character Acting Program provides expert training for talented actors, geared toward careers in voice acting for animation and games, with a special emphasis on utility voice training, accents, and dialects.

More Details

Industry Webinars

 Gain wisdom from my favorite voice actors, directors, and casting professionals currently working in animation and games. 

Navigating the Business of VO Acting

Dial in your home studio! Know what to put on your demo! Set up your VO website! Learn how to market yourself! These are all as important as refining your talent. In this series, top industry experts guide you through crafting your career in animation and games.

Hotseat with Eliza Jane

Meet with Eliza Jane Schneider every month. Use these office hours to review demos, perfect accents, critique auditions, strategize, and chart your career’s course. Don't forget to discuss insider industry info, build relationships and develop your own material.

Live Webinar Events

Live events with the hottest names in voiceover. You get to learn from the best, using zoom links that we provide through the student portal.

Dialect Database

Unlimited access to CEVT's dialect databases and accent & dialect resources.

Private Access

Access to the private Facebook group.

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Peer Workout Groups with scripts from major studios.

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