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PROFESSIONAL COACHING FOR video games, film, and television

An accent that helps tell your story.

It can happen. Using a professional voice, accent, and dialect coach can create a more unified world for your production- whether that's a video game, film, television show, or other creative project.

A coach that understands performance demands

A coach must challenge and support actors in crafting authentic performances. As a voice actress herself, Eliza understand the unique challenges faced by both performers and producers. Eliza has been featured in video games such as and films such as.

Authentic accent & dialect creation for your project

Eliza has traveled and recorded on several continents to gather authentic accent and dialect samples. Moving beyond stereotypes, Eliza helps actors to base their vocal performances on real samples or to invent an entirely new sound.

“Eliza has a wonderful capacity for combining character development with dialect proficiency that heightens the actors' performance. ”
Brian Nefsky
sr casting associate, walt disney imagineering

Looking for an accent, voice, or dialect coach?

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A holistic Coaching Approach

My approach to coaching is more holistic than simply teaching someone to make accurate sounds. We look at the way in which pitch and timbre effect characterization. I love working for the moment that an actor has the lightbulb moment in a session and everything suddenly clicks. It’s incredibly satisfying to unlock the potential in vocal performances. I look beyond a breakdown to see what each actor can uniquely bring to a role.

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