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The Character Acting Program

Is the Character Acting Program the same as the Character Acting Academy?

The Character Acting Academy is our school. Within the school, The Character Acting Program is our most popular offering. It’s a one year program tailored for self-study, reinforced with guided Peer Workout Groups, monthly webinars with Industry Pros, and monthly mic time at Hotseats with Eliza Jane!  

What happens in weekly Peer Workout Groups?

Students are mentored and led by graduates of the Character Acting Program who are also working voice actors.
In your Peer Workout Group, you’ll workshop what you’re learning during the self study portion of the curriculum, using scripts or improv to practice acting as well as accents and dialects. Each Peer Group, limited in size, has its own unique flavor, since each mentor brings their own experience to the group. 


What is the monthly Hotseat?

Once a month  for 10 months, come to the Hotseat to work directly with Eliza Jane.  Eliza will correct your accents and dialect springboards, discuss your career and trajectory, and work on specific elements of voiceover, such as iconic character voice matching, singing in character, and preparing for industry work. Hotseat topics can be introduced the week before, depending on the students’ needs.

How often are the live Webinars with Industry pros?

Industry Webinars happen once a month, generally in the evening of the last Thursday of the month. Occasionally, this may shift to accommodate the schedule of our star guests. But don’t worry if you miss one – you’ll have access to replays of live webinars for a full 30 days afterwards.

It’s fantastic that CAP students can audit special acting classes with Guest Instructors, as well as Surveys and Deep Dives into individual accents and dialects!
What if I’m unable to attend a class?

No problem! All classes are recorded, and replays are available in your Student Portal for you to watch (and rewatch, as many times as you like), whenever your schedule allows.
Don’t forget that Inner Circle students have the opportunity to work with instructors and get corrections live during these classes! 

I am not sure I can commit to a full year. Is that ok? 

Eliza Jane has designed a full year program so she can learn who you are, what your needs are, and how to work with you to better prepare you for the next step. She is committed to turning students into colleagues, and every piece of the program gets you closer to mastering your craft. However, we understand that life is unpredictable. See the next question…

What happens if this program just isn’t working for me?

We have a generous trial period. Please contact for more details.

I missed the original sign ups. Is there still an opportunity to join the Character Acting Program?

Our classes and course work are based on a 12 month plan.  However, much of the work is self-directed. You may have the opportunity to enroll for the remainder of the course, if class size allows! Contact us to find out.

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