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The First Annual Online
New Works Festival

Final Performance
of the

Directed by Eliza Jane schneider
Hosted by Eliza Jane and Jasmine Yates
performed by the 2022-23 Character acting academy
June 29, 2023

Click HERE to learn about or contact any of our actors!

The full presentation – enjoy all of our student pieces, their introductions and audience reactions.

Such a talented group this year!

Paulina Ramirez kicked the festival off with this epic rendition of a produced piece where she sings all three parts from 

I Know It’s Today

From Shrek: The Musical

A very special guest joined us live for this piece, from a one-act play written by by Michael Schneider. 

Fred Tatasciore and Paul Adamson in

Goodbye, Fish

Jasmine Yates regales us with this live performance of her self-written piece

Sorry, I’m Not Sorry

David Davino gave us this epic pre-produced piece, highlighting his impressive voice matching skills.

Creatures and Features

Bobby Skelton has written an amazing short film, and here he presents a live except from it.


Joanna Rubiner performed live her inner monologue as she’s approached by someone who appreciates her comedic timing and cadence.

On An Elevator

David Davino was TA this year. His group performed a follow-up to his student performance from last year with this prerecorded piece.
David Davino, Rin Araneta, Joanna Rubiner, Paul Adamson, and Steven Molony in

When Worlds Collide – Chapter 2

Goldie Perry performs for us an adaptation from the touching and very personal Broadway production of…

Golda’s Balcony

Steven Molony presented this pre-recorded/produced piece that posits a future where a multitude of Steven Molonys are tasked with saving the world.

The United Steves of America

Another piece from the pen of Michael Schneider, this live production includes the talents of Eliza Kelley, Dustin Vuong Nguyen, and Alexander Andrews-Villareal. In it, we discover just how hard it can be for a landed immigrant to enroll in high school 

Learn Me Something

Rin Araneta illustrated, performed, and produced this piece, also written by Michael Schneider. In it, we get a sense of the voices in Rin’s toolbox, and maybe a few in the main character’s head.

The Bobby Business

Dustin Vuong Nguyen is a multi-talented performer, and has recently closed on the stage production this piece is from. Please enjoy the live performance of an excerpt from…

Colonialism is Terrible, but Pho is Delicious

Keith Houston wears many hats. One of those hats is that of a presenter for an Heavy Metal Icelandic horse show. His prerecorded piece posits… what if the horses planned an Oceans-Eleven style heist?

Horse Heist

Vincent Favetta performed a very personal piece live. In it, he delves in to a therapy session, and comes out the other side with some peace and realizations.

Welcome to Therapy

Here we see what happens when one of our study groups turns the mic on their pets, and they run away with the show. Enjoy Keith Houston, Paulina Ramirez, Jess Dickens, Shumi Rowson, and Mohammed Ganai in… 

The RePEToire Theatre Company

Alexander Andrews-Villareal performed for us live this touching trip through his family’s make-up and history.

The Plight of the Immigrant’s Son

Kimberly Crookshanks performed this live and very personal piece where she digs through the trauma of her uppringing and comes out clean on the other side. 

I Am Not My Mother

Lisa Sowden and Dominik Marosi gave us a live performance that takes the PowerPuff Girls and re-imagines them as a more mature group of heroes who aim to rid the world of misogyny and sexism.

Superhero Pussy Pants and the Power Pussies

Our final piece of the festival is a group piece that imagines one of the most disorganized groups of actors taking on a noir style audio drama. 

Jasmine Yates, Alexander Andrews-Villareal, Kimberly Crookshanks, Vincent Favetta, Lisa Sowden, Goldie Perry, and Dominik Marosi in…

Audiodrama Gone Wrong

Before Fred Tatasciore volunteered to join our festival, Paul Adamson produced a pre-recorded version of their piece where he performs both roles – the Fish and Josh.  

Goodbye, Fish

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