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...Have you heard

You don't sound like a native speaker...



Do you wish you could walk into a role 100% confident that the accent is automatically dialed in?


Have you found yourself held back in your career by your native accent? 


Have you ever you’ve been frustrated because you can’t seem to book those jobs that require an accent different from your own?

Welcome to Eliza Jane Schneider’s scientifically proven
3-Prong Method!!


….This course gives you self-guided lessons, and tools you can use RIGHT NOW
to master
any accent or dialect!


You know that feeling when you get the opportunity to audition for a really fun, really exciting, and really high-paying new job…

... then as you read the specs, you see that it requires an authentic [fill-in-the-blank] accent?

...You go through that “Should I? / Shouldn’t I?” dance where you weigh the pros and cons of trying to fake a Scottish accent...

... potentially sounding like a knockoff of Mrs. Doubtfire or a Saturday Night Live mock-jock....

Not the best way to make an impression on a new client or agent!

How amazing would it be to be able to approach that audition -- and ALL auditions that call for any accent -- with absolute confidence?

It could change your career!

(Hint -- I'm sharing the exact method I used to match all of the female voices on South Park, and that I still use today when I need to jump into a Nigerian or Cantonese accent, or a voice match for Keira Knightley...)


 No matter how long you study English, people in your International profession still focus on your accent instead of LISTENING TO WHAT YOU’RE SAYING.

How many times A DAY do you hear: Where are you from? 
Can you repeat that? 
I’m sorry, WHAT?

You want not just to be understood, but to be a powerful speaker who commands respect,
and ultimately, a higher paycheck.


Compete Internationally in the Work from Home Era!

Three Steps to LEARN or LOSE Any Accent or Dialect!

In this very first hour, I'll help you learn new skills...
so you can start doing what you've always wanted to do.

This introductory webinar will be jam-packed with information!

Master any accent.

Three Steps to LEARN or LOSE Any Accent or Dialect!

Learn from the BEST!

Eliza Jane Schneider


Eliza Jane Schneider is a veteran actor and dialect coach, whose clients include celebrities, politicians, A-list directors, AAA game companies and major studios like Disney, Pixar, Warner Bros, Universal, Paramount, Fox, Dreamworks, Hulu, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network. She’s a sought-after lecturer for global VO forums, as well as legal conferences, teaching partners in international law firms “Mastering Vocal Power” to win cases and raise their bottom line on a world stage.

Eliza has the unique distinction among Hollywood’s dialect coaches of having personally traveled to the hometowns of over 7,000 native speakers of various English dialects all over the world, in order to record their unadulterated native accents and listen to their stories. This vast research is the foundation for her revolutionary teaching methods, proven to reduce actors’ dialect acquisition time by 90%. 

Eliza debuted on-camera as “Liza” on CBS’s Beakman’s World, and went on to voice the female population of Comedy Central’s South Park for several seasons. She won the Best Solo Show award for her 34 character play “Freedom of Speech” at the NYC International Fringe Festival, as well as a 2018 BTVA Awards nomination for her performance as Mumbai doctor Rama for Agents of Mayhem.  Eliza has countless credits in many popular animations and video games. As a coach, she has helped perfect the accents and dialects of beginners, Oscar winners, and the casts of Overwatch, Mafia 3, Resident Evil and Assassin’s Creed, among many others.

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