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Welcome to your self-guided program!

On this page:


Website Access

When you log in, use the STUDENT LOGIN button at the top right to get to the Student Portal, where you’ll find:

    • Links to the Resources, Dialect Database, Safety Net, and Your Account
    • Orientation to the Student Portal – this page
    • Scroll down to see all your Courses. Inside each course you’ll find class replays, links, and material


Contact us at with any questions.
From here, we may forward your curriculum and technical questions to the support team,

Email is our primary way to communicate with you! Please whitelist our domain,, and check your Promotions and Spam folders periodically to make sure you don’t miss important updates.


Several of our programs bring you to this page, but there are some subtle differences. To get you familiar with the menus on the right of this page, Here’s what you’ll find and where: 

My Courses

This takes you to your registered courses. You can also scroll to the bottom of this page to see your active courses, but this is a quick way to jump there. This is what your course list should look like:

  • Three steps to learn or lose any accent – this is the core of Eliza’s work with accents, and is the best place to start.
  • Accents and Dialects Master Class – This program builds on the last and introduces you to the accents from around the globe that are most sought after in gaming, animation, and audiobook work.
  • Three separate collections of industry webinars – This one’s just for Utility Voice members. 
    • Navigating the Business of VO and the 
    • Industry Expert Webinar Library
    • 2022-23 Industry Expert Webinar Library 
  • Any additional courses you’ve registered for. This could be the weekly workout, the Vocal Gymnast, or even the next Character Acting Program. Keep your eyes peeled for news on these programs in your inbox. 

Dialect Database

This is where you’ll find additional native speaker recordings to use in your looping/springboard homework. 

Safety Nets

These are a collection of pre-built springboards that you can use to get comfortable with the process of looping and listening, before you get used to building your own. 

My Account

Where you can see the billing, registration, and account details for your membership with Competitive Edge Voice. You can renew, suspend, or cancel your membership from here as well. 

For our Utility Voice users, every month, we’ll send you a new set of directives to help further your progress through the program, sharpen your VO skills, and nail those accents. Keep an eye out!

A supportive community of graduates of the Character Acting Program, and Eliza’s colleagues – professional actors at all levels – who can help you through the course materials.

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