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Character Acting Academy 2022-23 ORIENTATION

Welcome to the  Character Acting Program!
The 2022-23 term begins September 6, 2022

PLEASE NOTE: As we add to and refine the Character Acting Program over the summer, there may be changes to the information on this page. We’ll keep you updated!

On this page:





Website Access

You’ve received an email with your student login information: your user name, which is first name.last name, and a temporary password.
When you log in you’ll have an opportunity to reset your password.

At  use the STUDENT LOGIN button at the top right to get to the Student Portal, where you’ll find:

    • Links to the Student Calendar, Resources, Dialect Database, Safety Net, and Your Account
    • Announcements – check here often to stay informed!
    • Orientation to the Student Portal
    • Scroll down to see all your Courses. Inside each course you’ll find class replays, links, and material

Getting Started!

  1. Complete your New Student Survey here.
  2. If you haven’t already, book your 15-minute Introductory Call with Eliza Jane here.
  3. At the beginning of the term, you’ll receive a Peer Workout Group Scheduling Survey. Return as soon as possible so that we can place you in a group!


Contact us at with any questions.
From here, we may forward your curriculum questions to Eliza Kelley,, or your technical issues to our webmaster, Dylan Paul.

Your Peer Workout Group leader, also known as your TA, can be an additional resource for answering questions or communicating to us any questions or concerns

  1. Email is our primary way to communicate with you! Please whitelist our domain,, and check your Promotions and Spam folders periodically to make sure you don’t miss important updates.
  2. Check the Announcements section in the Student Portal regularly for news and updates about courses, webinar guests and events.

Curriculum and Courses


The Syllabus will be posted before the term starts. It’s meant to be a general guide to the curriculum. Due to the quick-changing nature of the VO world, it will be fluid! Watch for updates.

The 2022-23 term runs through the end of August 2023, with holiday breaks indicated on the Syllabus and the Student Calendar.

Self Directed Courses 

Several Self Directed Courses are already in your Portal! These include the Accents and Dialects Masterclass, Eliza Jane’s 3-Prong Method, and the recorded Industry Webinar Series.

Live Courses

Guest Instructor Courses, Dialect Surveys and Deep Dive Courses, and other special classes will be held at various times throughout the year.

  1. We’ll keep you updated on course schedules via email and Announcements
  2. Refer to the Student Calendar for dates, times and Zoom links 
  3. Don’t worry if you miss a live class. Replays for most classes will be posted to the website, and you’ll be able to view them for the duration of the course.

Participation / Audit Policy

  1. Inner Circle members may participate live in all courses.
  2. CAP members are invited to audit all courses; please enter with camera and microphone off.
  3. Live participation in some courses may be offered to CAP students with separate enrollment. We’ll let you know!


Peer Workout Groups

You’ll be placed in a Workout Group that meets weekly, at a Zoom link hosted by your TA. This is your space to practice on mic, connect with other actors, and play!


These take place one Saturday morning each month. Here Eliza Jane will correct your homework, answer your questions and help you with any material you’re working on.

Live Industry Webinars

One Thursday evening each month, enjoy a visit and Q&A session with a different VO Industry expert!
Watch your email for Industry Webinar announcements. Details can also be found in the Announcements section of the Student Portal, and on the Student Calendar.