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Eager to take on ALL the roles? 

Got Robin Williams level aspirations?

You’ll need to prepare your voice.  Seriously.

You wouldn’t run a marathon without training, right?

Don’t your vocal muscles deserve the same respect as your leg muscles?

Ok, I know most of you wouldn’t run a marathon at all. I feel you.  Me neither.

But I know you use your voice EVERY DAY.  Sometimes for hours on end, your unique and special job requires you to: 

  • Scream
  • Cry 
  • Cough
  • Die
  • Cough and then die
  • Scream, cry, and cough while falling through the air on fire into shark infested waters  
  • Then drown 
  • Now do it again.  And again.  With the right accent.  And feeling.

You are an ACTOR who prides yourself in your professionalism.

So you dive in, daily, just hoping all this vocal abuse won’t permanently damage your instrument.  

Your livelihood.  

If you’ve been at this for a while, you know how easy it can be to damage your voice. 

This program trains you and your body to prevent that damage, and ensure it never happens again.  Yvonne’s promise is the ability to manipulate your voice’s full potential for animation and games with ZERO damage.  

That’s right.  ZERO.

A comprehensive vocal training program
created by renowned voice coach 
Yvonne Morley Chisholm

Meet your coach!

Yvonne has been working in recorded media for over 40 years with actors and artists on screen, in the studio, on radio, and working in voiceover and games. She’s worked with world-class theatres such as the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal National Theatre and Shakespeare’s Globe in London. Yvonne even lends her expertise to voice clinics, where she coaches patients on their road to recovery post-surgery. 

She specializes in training artists in skills for vocal extremes, and for safely manipulating the voice for animation and character development.

Yvonne is co-author of “More Care for Your Voice”, which has sold over 11,000 copies to date. She is currently working on two books:  “Building Character Voices – a Performer’s Guide” and “In the Beginning …”  which explores the power of words.


Yvonne's Vocal Health Tips

In the weeks prior to the start of this program, we’ll be sharing some of Yvonne’s vocal training and warm-up tips. This is just a taste of the kind of awesome stuff she has in store.

If you're a working voice actor, this seven-week program is a MUST.

This Program Is...

Unlike other online voice classes, this is no passive “watch and learn” program. This is Yvonne’s first (and possibly last) time offering access to this work online Internationally. Up until now, it has only been conducted in-person.

A seven-week program teaching you to master your instrument through consistent and sustained exercises that build upon each other as the course progresses.

Leaves you impervious to vocal damage, and free to just act.

The routines and exercises in this program require intense scrutiny and feedback from Yvonne.
Each week, Yvonne will monitor students’ posture and form during these exercises to ensure they get it right without damaging themselves.

Push yourself too far without the appropriate training for your body and voice, and you could lose your voice, the job, and your sanity. 

I speak from personal experience.

Yvonne put an end to my biggest recurring Actor’s Nightmare.

I lost my voice the night before opening a 34 character solo play off Broadway.

I lost my voice trying to adequately channel Mrs. Crabtree, screaming at kids in the back of the South Park bus.

I was so afraid of losing my voice again, I lost my voice again and again.

I have been on strict vocal rest, silence, for weeks of my life, and had to say no to great career opportunities, for fear of the damage compounding, causing nodules, requiring surgery, becoming permanent.

As a professional voice actor for 30 years, for me Yvonne’s teaching was a revelation.  

She took me from a place of constricted fear and uncertainty to a place of confident vocal health and preparedness.  My voice felt BETTER after running my taxing solo show with Yvonne’s warm-up and guidance.  Instead of needing a day of silence after a show, I was vocally stronger and ready to take on the world.

I am thrilled to be able to share this bespoke pilot program with my students and colleagues.  

This work is priceless.

            — Eliza Jane Schneider, CEO of Competitive Edge Voice

The course begins Feb 12th, 2024

Click the link below to register! 

This bespoke top level pilot course may never be offered again.  The investment is what you will make in 1.5 SAG scale sessions. 

Reserve your spot with a $400 deposit followed by 2 monthly payments of the same
– or –
pay in full for a $200 discount.

YOUR VOICE IS WORTH IT!  See you in class.

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