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Class Auditing and Participation Policy

Some events are open to participation for all students.

Some classes and events are open to participation for Inner Circle
students, with an open invitation for CAP students to audit.

We've color coded Calendar events,
to help clarify how CAP students and Inner Circle students may attend each class and event.

ALL students are granted open access to these events and encouraged to fully participate. These events include Webinars with industry insiders and guest lecturers.

  • Please enter with your microphone muted, until you’re ready to ask questions or participate.
  • Unless instructed otherwise, please feel free to leave your camera on!
  • You will usually also have the option to add comments and questions in the chat.

Character Acting Program students may silently audit these events and classes. Inner Circle students will fully participate.

As an Auditor:

  • Please enter with your microphone muted and camera disabled
  • To assist the instructor, kindly change your screen name to AUDITOR: {your name}. We are aware that longer names may be cut off by this naming convention.
  • The instructor may invite auditors to leave comments or questions in the chat. Please wait for this invitation.
  • The instructor may, at their discretion, invite you to turn on your camera or microphone to participate. Please wait to be expressly invited.


These are private events for specific participants (such as Peer Workout Groups)

  • Zoom links may appear in the Calendar, or may only be sent by separate invitations.
  • Do not share details, and do not attend these events unless you have been privately invited.

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