Industry Webinar Series

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Welcome to the Industry Webinar Series. Over the year, as you work through Navigating the Business of Voiceover and the Accents & Dialects Masterclass, you will also be provided with these valuable workshops and sessions. So, let’s get to it! Select a lesson that is available and get to learning from industry pros. Once you’ve completed the lesson, click “complete lesson” to keep track of your course progress.

PAT FRALEY & SCOTT BRICK AUDIOBOOK WORKSHOP: THE TALE THAT WAGS THE DOG MARY ELIZABETH MCGLYNN: BOTH SIDES OF THE GLASS ANDREA TOYIAS: VOICE QUEEN OF THE UNDERWORLD DEBRA WILSON: THE DOOR IS ALWAYS OPEN FRED TATASCIORE: THE CREATURE SPEAKS DEBI DERRYBERRY: KID VOICES BOB BERGEN: FIRESIDE CHAT ANIMATION SPECTACULAR – 2 part series with RICHARD HORVITZ (Invader Zim & Chaos from Skylanders) and VOICEMATCHING ICONIC CHARACTERS with ERIC BAUZA (Bugs Bunny, Puss in Boots). With surprise guest COLETTE SUNDERMAN (casting/voice director, WB etc.) (available in July) STÉPHANE CORNICARD: STEPPING FORTH! (available in August) DAVE FENNOY (The Walking Dead, Gears 5) – VIDEO GAME VOICES – 3 Part Series (available in September) CRISPIN FREEMAN (Overwatch, Naruto) and XANTHE HUYNH (Persona 5, Demon Slayer) – VOICE ACTING FOR ANIME (available in October) JIM MESKIMEN: VOCAL SHAPESHIFTING (available in November) NED LOTT & SEAN ASTIN (casting/voice director for Disney Characters Voices and Studio Ghibli; actor director, Lord of the Rings, Rudy, The Goonies, Stranger Things) A-listers direct and read your submitted materials with YOUR AUTHENTIC VOICE…OVER (available in December)