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Meet the Talented Actors

 of the 2022-2023 Character Acting Academy 

Alexander Andrews-Villareal

Alexander Andrews-Villareal


Alexander is an international singing professional, with performances from the Grand ol’ Opry to a world singing competition in Madrid, Spain. He also has 23 years of stage performance, ranging from lead roles to one liners, and has workshopped at the great theaters in his home base of  Minneapolis, including the Ordway, Orpheum, Chanhassen, and Guthry. His love of gaming led to five years of commentating e-sports before pivoting to Voce Acting.
Alexander has now studied VA with greats such as Eliza Jane Schneider, Steve Blum, Jennifer Hale, and JB Blanc.  
As a true “World Baby”, a French citizen of Vietnamese and Hispanic heritage. Alexander can properly represent multiple ethnicities. 
His Sound Treated booth features AT2035 XLR, Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC500, Audacity and Fiber internet.
Alexander has been prepping himself his whole life for success in this business, are you ready for him? 

Nailah is an Afro-Caribbean voice actor based in Atlanta who is passionate about her career in the performing arts. With an interest in video games, animation, and commercials and coupled with her years of training, Nailah has the drive, dedication, and creativity to work in this wonderful world of voice over. 



Nailah’s home studio includes RODE NT1 5th Generation; Scarlett Solo Studio 3rd USB Audio Interface; Audacity recording software.

Bobby Skelton

Bobby is an Atlanta based voice actor and television screenwriter. After working as a stage manager in New York City, Bobby is ready to take his talents from stage to screen! With his wide vocal range, Bobby uses his voice for a variety of different characters, ranging from fantastic monster to Average Joe. He also has a love for all things Dungeons and Dragons, Video Games, and Animation! Bobby brings passion and excitement to any project he’s a part of, and he cannot wait for what 2023 has in store for him!

David Davino

David Davino

BMG Talent

The Talent Express

Access Talent


Demos: Commercial reel , Animation reel

David Davino is a versatile and dynamic voice actor. A trained stage actor, singer, film and commercial actor with more than 25 years of experience, he brings energy and authenticity to each character he portrays and creates.
He has recorded video game trailers, audiobooks, several animation spots doing his favorite character “The Joker,”  was the voice of the Bop It game, and also narrates explainer videos. Along with several national commercials, films and shorts, he stars in a recently released 6-part docudrama on Curiosity Plus.
David is also a great impressionist. He’s perfected Optimus Prime, The Mouth of Sauron, The Joker, Christopher Walken, Elmo, Stewie and even Al Pacino, as displayed in the critically acclaimed off- Broadway show Channeling Kevin Spacey.
He is based in NYC and has a voice over recording studio / isolation booth with Source Connect capability.

Dominik Marosi

I am a UK based actor originating from Hungary. I have lived in the UK for over 14 years, including in London and the Lake district. I have been training with multiple coaches and courses for the past 2 years, as well as attending webinars and Get Your Game On London.

Video games are my prime hobby of choice but I also enjoy cooking and playing with the cats on my street. Fun is the name of the game in the booth and with my laidback attitude I make it easy to achieve while still striving with all I have to get the performance that will blow your clients’ socks off.

I use a Sennheiser MK4 microphone with wired internet, a sound treated booth, a Scarlett 2i2 and Reaper backing me up on this exciting journey. Won’t you join me?

Dustin Vuong Nguyen

Dustin Vuong Nguyen

Dean Panaro Talent

 Website & Demos


Dustin is a triple-threat Vietnamese American actor who works across all mediums of acting: stage, screen, and VoiceOver.  He is an alumnus of the prestigious Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA). He has made strides as a voice actor and is signed with the prestigious VO agency, Dean Panaro Talent.  Notable credits include video games “Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty” and “WWE 2K23” both available on Playstation, Xbox, and PC.  His voice can be heard in English dubs of Asian drama on Disney+, Hulu, and Netflix.  His pat commercial clients include Fitbit and Drees Homes.  A veritable language nerd with a BA in Linguistics from California State University, Fullerton, Dustin speaks English, Vietnamese, and Spanish fluently.

Eliza Kelley

Eliza Kelley

Carolina Talent (Marc Soper)




Eliza is a trilingual (English, German, and Spanish) actress who brings authenticity to any project, on screen or on the mic. WIth a naturally gritty voice that can transform into princess quality when needed, Eliza brings a range of characters into play with the right direction.
Eliza’s studio includes an AT2020 USB Mic with pop filter.


Goldie Perry

Hi! I’m a Seattle based voice actor who specializes in animation, video games and audiobooks. I love helping directors and writers take the words on the page and transform them into fully embodied characters. From sweet little girls to ancient terrifying monsters, I get to find the character in me and me in the character.

My professional, Source Connect certified home studio features Sennheiser MKH416, Audient ID22 interface, Reaper and Audacity for editing. I can connect via Zoom, Discord, Skype and SourceConnect. 

When not acting I’m playing with my dog, reading books, geeking out coding, playing videogames, hanging out with family or helping in my community. How can I help you?

Jasmine Yates

Hi! I am a British voiceover artist, hailing from the rural county of Herefordshire, and now based near London.

Adaptable, dedicated and equipped with a serious acting toolbox of accents and ability, I can become anything from apocalypse survivor to pollen-drunk fairy, and I am very serious about having fun in the booth!  My video game credits include Diablo IV, and indie games Brassheart and (upcoming) Project Regolith.


In my free time, you can find me working on my stand-up comedy, hanging upside down on a circus hoop, or walking (alright, being walked by) my rescue dog Arfie.  I am also a proud lesbian and mental health advocate.

My home studio includes: Studiobricks ONE VO edition booth; Neumann TLM103; Audient iD14 interface.

Jess Dickens

Jess is an American voice actor, singer and musician located in Mesa, Arizona. She cut her teeth as a character actor in her job at Gateway Games, game mastering six table-top role playing games a week, filling those six worlds with characters and creatures ranging from a timid Goblin addicted to eating chalk to a Dragon God.  She has been preforming as an actor, dancer and musician since early childhood, and studied flute and voice at Northern Arizona University and Kansas State University. She has recently done IVR for local doctors and veterinary offices, and is looking forward to all  facets of the voice over industry. She works from a sound treated boot featuring AT2035 w/Pop Filter, Audient iD4, Audacity, and Zoom/Skype/Discord/Source Connect Now.

Joanna Rubiner

Joanna Rubiner

Arlene Thornton & Assoc.

Website & Demos

Joanna’s been a Rugrat, a Barbie Doll, a Rebel Pilot, a Scrubbing Bubble, a GTA V Screaming Bystander, an MMO Cop and Assassin, and Nikki, one of Mattel’s Diva Starz interactive dolls. She’s been the voice for long-running ad campaigns, including Carnation Breakfast Essentials and the Albertsons/ACME/Jewel/Shaw’s/Star Markets family of supermarkets. Oh yeah, she can sing. But she won’t dance; don’t ask her.

Keith Houston

Keith Houston

Stars The Agency, Bay Area
Aperture Talent, L.A.

Website & Demos

A versatile voice and acting career has given Keith the ability to find the right sound and style for a diverse array of projects. Commercial clients have included Campbell’s Soup, Strongbow Cider, Shutterfly, Google and The Smithsonian. Video game projects have included Helheim Hassle, Slender Threads, as well as the VR project Out There featuring Vanessa Williams. With 20 years experience as a karaoke host, singing and performing comes very naturally, as well as years of dialect study for that unique touch.  With a professional Source Connect enabled studio, Keith will bring energy, individuality, and understanding to any project you need brought to life!

Kimberly Crookshanks

Kimberly is a Los Angeles based Non-Binary voice actor who loves to create. Whether it’s creating things by hand or with her voice, it’s all about making something whole out of the pieces she is given to work with.
A Southern California local, she has worked and trained to find her place in this wonderful world of voice over. From commercials to animation to video games, no challenge is too big. She can’t wait to explore new worlds out there waiting to be created.
Kimberly’s home studio is set up with hard wired internet, Source Connect subscription, Sennheiser 416, SSL 2 Interface, Twisted Wave DAW, and multiple screens for ADR work out of her isolation booth.

Lisa Sowden

Hiya! I’m Lisa, a character voice actor who helps stressed audio directors save time in the booth so they have more time to work their magic and make their clients happy.

Communication is key.  You have a vision, I want to bring that to life. A quick conversation ensures you get the vibe you want without that endless game of trying to pull a performance out of me.  

Want to be online when I record just to be certain?  Live-directed sessions are always welcome.  My home studio is Source Connect Certified and equipped with Skype/Zoom. Or I can travel to you, whichever you prefer.  

My voice can be heard in games Mount and Blade: Bannerlord, Hellbound: The Awakening, Hipster Café, and Jordenheim, the English dub of animated series Ajwan, commercials for Amazon, Microsoft, Pepsi, Instacart, belVita, Rustoleum and Great Wolf Lodge, and even children’s toys.

Paul Adamson

Paul is a Canadian improviser, voice actor, and technical writer, juggling all of those disciplines with aplomb. As an improviser, Paul has been performing for audiences since 2016 in the Waterloo region, and still does monthly shows. A senior technical writer with the worldwide chip and security manufacturer Broadcom, Paul is now also the voice of all training videos for their security software division. Paul got his first gaming break with the upcoming game MileHighTaxi, slated for release March 13, 2023; he plays the main character (Bones, the dispatcher) as well as a dozen pedestrians and passengers. Since joining the Character Acting Academy he’s sharpened his skills, his space, and his presence in the industry. In January 2023, Paul booked his first long-form audiobook gig – a fiction tale about magic-wielding government agents.
Every read is a chance for Paul to inhabit new worlds and characters, and he’s excited to take on whatever comes his way!

Paulina Ramirez

Hello! My name is Paulina Ramirez from Roseville, CA.
I studied Vocal Performance for 5 years at the University of the Pacific, studied voice acting under Richard Horvitz, and currently study under Eliza Jane Schneider. I’m fluent in both English and Spanish.
The majority of my acting experience has been through opera, so I’m accustomed to performing a wide variety of roles ranging from the lighthearted to the dramatic. Video game franchises such as Persona and Call of Duty inspired me to go into voice acting.
My home studio comes equipped with an Audio Technica AT 4040 microphone and a Focusrite 6i6 sound interface.
I look forward to working with you!

Rin Araneta

Hi hi! I’m Rin, and I’m a voice actress and cheesecake enthusiast with a versatile tool kit, an earnest heart, and a passion for what I do that burns blindingly bright! I live in the Philippines, in the city of Iloilo – fortunately, I’ve got a VO jumpstart through the power of the internet! I first discovered the spark for VO watching cartoons as a child, then through story-driven video games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect. I love to immerse myself as a character in another world, allowing me to express so many emotions that I never could in reality due to my introverted nature. As an anxious, nervous wreck in one scene, and then confident, sassy and sophisticated in the next – behind the booth, these emotions run wild! 
My studio is treated with mineral wool panels, and features an AT 2050, Scarlett Solo Interface, Audacity and Izotope RX 8.

Steven Molony

Steven Molony is an award-winning actor and proud union member in Los Angeles, CA. He received an education in Theatre before going on to star in films that played in festivals in the US and internationally. His 2017 film, Valley of Bones, played in theaters across the country. Molony has an extensive background in improv as a founding member of The Bearded Company (with chapters in Minneapolis and Los Angeles). He’s been performing with the group since 2006 including doing a national tour across the US, and having a year-long run of their live D&D-themed show, Swords & Sorcery, on Geek & Sundry. He was also an invited guest at the Wizard World Comic Con in Austin, TX for his work on the popular web series, The Joker Blogs. He has been called very talented and handsome and smart and funny by his mom and, who knows, maybe some others, too.

Vincent Favetta

My name is Vincent Favetta and I am the youthful, interesting, unique, quirky, or “insert-your-own-adjective here” voice you’ve been looking for. I’ve been at this work of bringing humanity to life in my little slice of New Jersey for quite a few years now and looking forward to many more.
I’m currently one of Eliza’s dialect babies and looking forward to making real, fun shit with amazing, fun people.

Andy Cowell
SAG eligible

Andy Cowell

LA- Bella Agency
NY – Bella Agency


Andy is a Chicago-born, LA-based actor blessed with a great ear, funky disposition, and a whip-sharp instinct for play. His (SAG-eligible) baritenor flutters between natural grit and inciting sass; salt-of-the-earth meets the salt-on-your-margarita-rim.
Years of professional experience on stage, on camera, and across many genres of VO have forged his polyphonic style–one that should illuminate your next game, animated show, mocap project, audiobook, ad campaign, or film!

Sara Mears

Hello, I am Sara, a Midwest born, Los Angeles based actor. My voice is commonly described as youthful, girl next-door, conversational, knowledgeable, quirky, and wry.  My range spans from a small children to millennial mom. The cast of characters in my back pocket encompasses bubbly small creatures to evil genius to earnest female leads.
I have a knack for pronouncing technical terminology with clear precision. I have a bachelor’s degree in communication and have studied nutrition and fitness in-depth.
I play video games both online and console and am well-versed in that world. I am also a trained improv actor and love the opportunity to stretch and ad-lib.
I welcome the opportunity to discuss your project with you and am happy to connect via Source Connect, Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Discord, phone, or messenger pigeons. My sound treated studio features AT4040 condenser XLR microphone, Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface,, MacBook Pro M1, Audition &/or Audacity and Source Connect Standard. 

Daniel Bledsoe


Character Acting Academy Alumni 

Virginia Lee

My name is Virginia—like the state—and I’m a voice actor slash writer! I identify with the tomboys and amazonian warriors of the world so I gravitate to those kinds of characters, and when it comes to trying out different archetypes and genres—challenge accepted!! I love to play and learn, and am fascinated by the array of acting techniques out there as I ever-evolve my skillset. I so look forward to collaborating with you!
My Sound treated studio includes a Sennheiser MKH416 shotgun mic, sE 2200 aIIc carioid mic, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio interface, hard wired connection, 2021 iMac, Twisted Wave and Audacity.

Alex Eller

I’m a British voiceover artist based in London! Quick, confident and engaging, with a flair for the comedic and a heart for the dramatic. I can be cheeky and adventurous, or direct and sincere – with the versatility and interest to work with everything in-between.
I am incredibly passionate about voices and the way we sound and I bring the very best to all of my voiceover work.

Dioni Michelle Collins

Dioni Michelle Collins is an LA-based vocalist, and a television, Broadway, and voiceover actress. She’s voice matched for Disney,  can be heard on radio commercials for McDonald’s, Bio Shock Infinite (video game), and is an Audio File Earphones Award winner. She was last seen on Broadway in the smash hit Wicked, and is currently recurring as Deanna Sirtis on ABC’s General Hospital. Other television credits include Jenny on Lifetime’s American Princess, created by Jenn Denbo and executive produced by Jenji Kohan, as well as work on NBC, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon.
Dioni’s studio setup includes a Sennheiser MKH-416 and Isolation Booth.

Tyler Cooper

Tyler Cooper is a voice actor with extensive training as a music educator. With a wide range of qualities to his voice, he can bring depth and honesty to any project. Having almost a decade of public school teaching experience, he can provide the dependability of an educator and the creativity of a musician.
Tyler’s studio setup features Neumann TLM – 103, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, iMac 2020, Reaper DAW Sound Treated Studio.

Kory Trombley

Kory Trombley

Productions Plus – Detroit

Website & Demos

As a former educator and coach, Kory will help your project, brand, message or content be successful and meaningful to your audience. He has a calm, relaxed yet authoritative voice and demeanor but also loves to let loose behind the mic and play. So whether you need a relatable “guy next door” or a reliable “young dad” voice for your commercial, or an out of the box character for your animation or video game, Kory is happy to assist.
An athlete and martial artist, he channels the focus and discipline of this training into his professional life. Kory is known for tailoring his voice to the client’s specific vocal and storytelling needs, as well as being flexible, reliable and easy to work with. Kory’s experience with commercials, character work and other styles of narration will be a valuable asset for your project.
Kory works from a Sound Treated studio with hard wired internet, access to Zoom, Skype and Source Connect. MXL A1VO Mic, Scarlett Interface and Audacity.

Kat Bohn

Kat Bohn’s business – quite simply – is “sound.” From bass to bellows, Kat is never far from an instrument or microphone. In 2020 she received her first award as a narrator, for Most Addictive Audiobook from Penned Con. She has since narrated for multiple award winning authors, and has made her VR debut in NightMARA, voicing multiple characters for the first walkable comic on Oculus.
Kat’s ever expanding home studio includes Scarlett 18i20, steinberg UR22mk11, ADK T7 Thor and ADK A6, connectivity via Skype and Zoom. She has sound treated room(s) and is mobile/travel ready.

Sarah Kramer

Sarah Kramer loves many forms of voice acting, but her passion is animation and video games, using her wide range of authentic characters, accents/dialects, conlangs, creature voices, voice matches, and ability to sing in character.
She has recently booked a recurring role on a new animated series (shh…NDA) for one of her dream clients and a supporting role in a AAA video game. She has narrated  audiobook novels with many characters and accents/dialects.
Sarah’s been a Disney fanatic since birth and a Star Wars super-fan since she was a kid. She uses her 20+ years of acting training for theatre, VO, on-camera, and improv to create real, believable performances in voice acting. She loves to play!
Sarah has a professional home studio (Source Connect, ipDTL, ISDN, Zoom, Skype, phone patch), and will soon be moving from the SF Bay Area to LA.

Joanne Lichtenstein

Joanne Lichtenstein

Jimmy Cobble  TAG Talent

Website & Demos

A versatile, SAG-Eligible performer with a flair for accents, Joanne has worked in audiobooks, corporate narration and performance capture; loaned her voice to radio and television campaigns, animations, podcasts, podplays, phone systems and theme park attractions; and dabbled in stand-up comedy. Living in England and traveling extensively helped hone her vocal skillset, and she’s fluent (and passes as native) in both US and UK. In November 2021, she placed second in That’s Voiceover’s live CBS2 Audition Spotlight competition (815 auditions), and was an Ultimate VO Survivor double Top 12 Finalist, in both the promo and narration categories (1,823 auditions). She is based in Burbank and has a pro home studio (Source Connect, Babyface Pro, Sennheiser 416, Aston Spirit, Reaper, Adobe Audition)

Andrew Wheildon-Dennis

Andrew Wheildon-Dennis

Voice –
UK, Voice Fox
Screen –
Audere Talent Management
Mocap –
The Mocap Agency

Website & Demos

Andrew was born in England, raised in Puerto Rico and Texas, then returned to the UK as a teenager. He studied Performing Arts at the University of Winchester and, while doing mostly strange and unpopular devised and experimental theatre for his degree, he got into voice acting for Internet animators and game devs, as well as making his own toons and games under the team name Edible Castle. He worked as a theatre actor, street theatre performer, puppeteer, singer and writer (but mostly waiter) for many years. In 2016 he decided to focus on voice acting. He built his own studio in a rented office, and has been full time ever since. In 2020 he branched out again, signing with an acting agent and pursuing TV and film opportunities.
Andrew works from a custom built booth, soundproofed and treated, equipped with Neumann TLM 103 or Sennheiser MKH 416, Focusrite ISA Two Preamp, Apogee Quartet, main DAW Reaper, Logic and Audition.


Sloane Warren
A journeyman storyteller who has traveled to 54 countries, Sloane served two terms as the SAG-AFTRA Voiceover Chair for Georgia, and on the SAG-AFTRA National Commitee for Interactive Videogames. Her voice has been heard in animated films and in Red Dead Redemption Two. She’s shared the screen with some of the industry’s heavyweights including Al Pacino, Karl Urban, and Laura Linney. Credits include Ozark, Hangman, The Resident, First Wive’s Club and a Lionsgate feature coming 2022.
Sloane voices little shinobi style boys to older women. However, her signature sound is one of peaceful calm, a vulnerable depth that helps you feel at ease.  Sloane’s podcast Undetoured-Navigating The Artist’s Journey  helps creatives with their mindset in the entertainment industry. 
Sloane’a professional studio includes: Mic-Audix A131, Interface: Volt 176, sound treated space with access to a whisper room and source connect pro.
Gemarie Torres

Gemarie Torres


Gemarie Torres (Gem+Marie) is an Asian American-Pacific Island voice actor and registered nurse based in Los Angeles. With her bubbly personality, she has been described as a walking cartoon character and a real-life children’s television host. Her naturally high-pitched voice easily transforms all along the age spectrum, from babies to the elderly, and she has a plethora of accents in her arsenal. Her awards include Bang Zoom! Entertainment and AX Idol’s “The Future Voice of Anime” competition. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, making cocktails, and developing her one-person show Little Brown Girl. You can hear her in upcoming episodes of the D&D podcast Venture Forth as Farideh Peaceblade.
Gem’s studio setup includes WhisperRoom, MXL-990, and Scarlett 2i2.

Dana Swanson

Dana Swanson

Animation, video games, promo,

Dana (they/them/she/her) is a non-binary voiceover artist based in Los Angeles by way of Atlanta. Since 2005, they have provided voice work on hundreds of Adult Swim promos, commercials, and series, most notably as SARA from Toonami: an AI pixie that co-pilots with Steve Blum’s TOM every Saturday night. Dana joined SAG-AFTRA in 2019 shortly after moving to LA and gaining representation from Atlas Talent (thanks Heather). Dana has been an improviser, writer, producer, professional singer, and comedian for over 20 years–delighting industrial clients, commercial clients, video game clients, animation clients, film clients, musical clients, network clients, podcast clients, live audiences, and Zoom classes along the way.

Marie Glass

Marie Glass



Marie Glass is an imaginative creative who loves bringing rich worlds to life through storytelling.
Her unique expression of stories takes form through the different artistic mediums that she enjoys working with, such as animation, audio engineering, and of course voice acting!

Sarah Terauchi

Sarah Terauchi is ready to take on any challenge you are willing to throw at her! She has her own home studio complete with a Neumann TLM103 microphone and an Apollo Twin preamp.
After completing an associate’s degree in theatre, she went on to train under names like Rena Cook, Rachael Messer, and Eliza Jane Schneider.
Sarah has yet to meet a form of voice acting she doesn’t like, but is most enthusiastic about video games and animation. 

Eddy Yeung

A bubbly bilingual from the international city of Hong Kong, Eddy Yeung is a voice actor based in New York City with experience in ADR, commercials, animation, and video games in both English and Cantonese! Vocal types and qualities lean more on youthful and edgy, to young adult and gritty. 

Hi there! Evangelina Salas, Eva for short. Along with a voice over talent, I’m also an editor who occasionally writes. I’ve recently worked on an LGBTQIA+ centric book series Prep School Blues, which can be found on Amazon.
I live in Brownsville, Texas. I am Bilingual; fluent in Spanish (from Mexican descent). My voice may sound young, ok – very young – but I have been through a lot of experiences to draw from in my VO sessions. Years of musical vocal training have taught me to take direction, put in the work and be present for every moment. Find me on Twitter @Neodiva2002.
My complete home booth is lined with accoustic panels, with hard wired internet, DL:446 Mbps/ UL: 30.9 Mbps. Zoom, Discord, and Skype ready. Willing to set up Source Connect. Logitech 1080P HD webcam, Yeti USB Mic with pop filter and using Audacity on PC.

Stephanie Novak

Stephanie Novak is a bi-racial Shoshone Native voice artist, located and trained in Los Angeles. Her voice has been described as animated, authentic, empowering, warm and friendly, conversational, genuine, humorous, sarcastic, informative, authoritative, and much more. Stephanie is a U.S. Army combat veteran with a background in Intelligence and Investigation.
See Stephanie’s home studio here.

Robin Regalado

Robin Regalado



Robin Regalado is a bi-racial Native American actor based in Los Angeles. She graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Theatre with an emphasis in performance. 
Her past productions include Charles Mee’s Big Love, God of Carnage, and Dracula.
Robin’s passion for creativity and storytelling led her to voice over. She has lent her voice to podcasts, animations, indie video games, and instructional videos for non-profits.

Danny Scott

Danny is the quintessential friendly millennial, a computer-savvy guy next door, and a shapeshifting alien from the Andromeda galaxy! He’s the class clown of the AP track, and a polyglot -fluent in French, Spanish, Portuguese (and “speaks Russian like a seven-year old”). His lifelong love of sci-fi and technology, history and mythology inform his voice over career. Clients include 2K Games, ToniesBox, Amazon, Facebook, and more!
Danny’s professional home studio includes  Sennheiser MKH-416; SSL2; Source Connect Standard.

Crystal Wachsmuth

Crystal Wachsmuth


Crystal Wachsmuth (Wok-smUHth) is a massage therapist and voice actor located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. A VA in VA if you will. She is a mystical fairy doing her best to spread positivity and hope to others through the things that she does. She found a love for acting at age  eleven, playing Ariel in The Tempest. Every day she does her best to follow her own personal mantra: “Normality does not exist, but genuinity does.”
Crystal’s home studio includes AT 2035 condenser microphone and Scarlett Solo interface.

Kathleen Wang

Christopher Friedrick*

Jonathan Gwozdz

Paul O’Connor*

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