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Accents & Dialects Masterclass

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    Welcome to the Accents & Dialects Masterclass for voice actors and character actors!

    Please watch this introductory video.


    Before you jump into the Module 1 materials, make sure you have completed these steps below.

    STEP 1: Whitelist our email address and direct any questions to that email address. Thanks!

    STEP 2:  This course is designed to support the proclivities and learning style of each individual student. If you are a primarily auditory person, immersion in this wealth of recordings of native speakers may be all you need. If you are a primarily visual person, you may really gravitate towards the scoring method that we will explore in Module 2. If you are a primarily kinesthetic person, the mouth positions we demonstrate in Module 3 might make everything click for you. All I ask is that you try everything once, use what works, and discard what doesn’t.

    STEP 3: Review this video that outlines the differences between regional dialects and foreign accents.

    STEP 4: Familiarize yourself with the “Springboard” looping method we will be using by watching the video below

    Again, if the technology scares you, it is possible to achieve the same thing with simple immersion. But do try. And keep in mind, it gets easier the more you practice. If you have any problems, you can always bring them up in your Peer Workout Group, at the Hotseat, and/or in the Facebook group.

    SAFETY NET: We have created “Springboards” for you in case you would rather just avoid the tech altogether. Only use the safety net if absolutely necessary.

    You can access the Safety Net materials at any time from the menu.

    Okay! Let’s jump into Module 1!

    Module 1: Auditory Method, American Southern


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