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    Below, you will find biographical information relating to the speaker and three tabs containing three edited versions of a dialect and accent interview. Select Springboard, Monologue, or Longest Sample to read, listen and download samples. If you are unable to view the samples, it simply means you need to purchase access to the Dialect Database by clicking here. Beneath the recordings are “tags” which identify qualities that the sample might have in common with other recordings in the database. Click on one of the “tags” to find additional samples with common attributes or topics of discussion. Finally, you can share using the gray share icon at the bottom of the page. 

    Speaker Information

    Speaker Information 1: Nation?

    Speaker Information 2: Ethnolinguistic group?

    Speaker Information 3: Gender?

    Speaker Information 4: Age Range?

    Insights and Observations: Take particular note of the lip rounding in this sample. I was shocked to find the degree of pitch jump between various sections. This samples is an excellent demonstration of a lateral plosive lisp at 2:26. 

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