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Kababayan! Fast Track Your American Accent Learning

with a Leading World-class Expert and a Filipino Voice Acting Coach

So you chased that audition for your big break into US voice work.

Or you worked your butt off on that graveyard shift for a promotion to team leader.

Or the pandemic forced your company online. And now you deal with your people and customers with a sometimes choppy Zoom room.

But they said,

“Your accent needs improvement.”

You know English pretty well. You're fluent in both listening and speaking. But you keep hearing "You don't sound 'American' enough".

You dream of voicing the main character of a video game, but someone else beat you at the audition. 

You have nightmares of the bills you have to pay at the end of the month, but that promotion hit a roadblock.

You picture yourself as a thriving leader in your industry, but they don’t respect you enough.

And that's getting in the way of your career.

Whichever problem you have, the answer is simple:

You need to master your accent.

And we can give your Accent the Edge it needs to win at your career.

It starts with a FREE webinar called...

Neutral American Accent 101 for Filipinos:

Compete Internationally in the Work from Home Era

Here’s what we’ve got for you:

Saturday, December 18, 2021 | 10:00 - 11:00 AM (Philippine Standard Time)

Coach Profile

Eliza Jane Schneider


Eliza Jane Schneider is a veteran actor and dialect coach, whose clients include celebrities, politicians, A-list directors, AAA game companies and major studios like Disney, Pixar, Warner Bros, Universal, Paramount, Fox, Dreamworks, Hulu, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network. She’s a sought-after lecturer for global VO forums, as well as legal conferences, teaching partners in international law firms “Mastering Vocal Power” to win cases and raise their bottom line on a world stage.

Eliza has the unique distinction among Hollywood’s dialect coaches of having personally traveled to the hometowns of over 7,000 native speakers of various English dialects all over the world, in order to record their unadulterated native accents and listen to their stories. This vast research is the foundation for her revolutionary teaching methods, proven to reduce actors’ dialect acquisition time by 90%. 

Eliza debuted on-camera as “Liza” on CBS’s Beakman’s World, and went on to voice the female population of Comedy Central’s South Park for several seasons. She won the Best Solo Show award for her 34 character play “Freedom of Speech” at the NYC International Fringe Festival, as well as a 2018 BTVA Awards nomination for her performance as Mumbai doctor Rama for Agents of Mayhem.  Eliza has countless credits in many popular animations and video games. As a coach, she has helped perfect the accents and dialects of beginners, Oscar winners, and the casts of Overwatch, Mafia 3, Resident Evil and Assassin’s Creed, among many others.

Dave Soltura

Dave Soltura is an international Filipino voice actor and coach who has lent his voice to brands like Nestlé, Dunkin’, Grab, Tic Tac, Ensure, Jollibee, and hundreds of telenovela episodes in city-based studios. He has built a voiceover business spanning six continents from his professional studio, with his most prominent foreign clients coming from the US and the UK.

In 2012, Dave began his career voicing in Tagalog dubs of anime and since 2019, he has voiced the eponymous character and most male roles in Outfit7’s Talking Tom Shorts. Dave has had the privilege of narrating Deafverse, the first-ever American Sign Language (ASL) accessible online game for deaf teenagers, which helps them connect and learn life skills from home.

As a resident coach, core member, community-builder, and one of the ten incorporators of VocAlliance, an industry-leading Philippines-based voiceover non-profit, Dave synergizes with other industry leaders in elevating the local voiceover scene and empowering voice actors.


coach profile

Saturday, December 4, 2021 | 10:00 - 11:00 AM (Philippine Standard Time)

Save Your Seat Today!

Want to have your accent examined by two expert voice and accent coaches? Simply record a one-minute story as an MP3 file and attach it here! By submitting, you consent to have your voice used as a sample for our upcoming webinar and dialect database. We look forward to hearing your submissions!
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 256 MB.

    Submission Guidelines

    Thank you for your interest in submitting a sample of your accent!

    Please follow these guidelines before uploading your submission:

    Step 1:

    Open your recording software of choice using your phone or computer.

    It can be the default recording app on your phone, or popular recording software such as Audacity, Garageband, Reaper, TwistedWave, Voice Memos, or anything that can record your voice.

    Step 2:

    Record a candid 50-60 second monologue about one of the following prompts:

    • A story about your childhood
    • A dream you had
    • Something of emotional significance to you

    We want to hear how you normally speak in English, so imagine that you’re just talking to a friend while you record. Don’t worry about filler words like “um” and “okay.” The best recordings are the more natural ones! No scripts necessary.

    Step 3:

    Save and export as .mp3 with the format firstname_surname

    Example: juan_delacruz.mp3

    Step 4:

    Review your file and ensure that as much as possible, only your voice is heard. Everything in the recording that is not your voice is considered noise.

    Please make sure that fan noises, rain, birds, dogs, crickets, traffic, air-conditioning units, and other external sounds are kept to a bare minimum, so as not to overpower your voice. We understand that not everyone has a professional recording setup and don’t expect a studio-grade recording. What matters is that your voice is clear and audible.

    As an optional step, you may use audio editors and edit out the noise.

    Step 5:

    Submit your recording for a chance to win a live accent diagnosis by Eliza and Dave during the webinar!

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